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The Truss Works is an Independent Truss Designer for Hire Specializing in Roof Truss Design - Including Both Wood Truss Design and Steel Truss Designs

The Truss Works was established to assist Mitek users with an alternative method to overcome the on going shortage of qualified designers. By offering accurate and timely layouts and engineering, at a cost not exceeding that of a on-site designer, we have been able to fulfill an industry need.

Our goal is not to replace your design staff but to augment your capacity through our experience and capabilities. It has been our experience that not only are we able to expand your design capacity, but through interaction we are able to enhance your current roof truss designers.

We quickly become the reliable employee that is there in a crunch to create the much needed designs which your staff just can't seem to find the time to complete.

Our over 20 years of experience in all phases of truss operations make us a very valuable tool for any manager. We only get paid for what we do and our cost is known at the beginning of a project.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Our performance is beyond most expectations; and our finished project helps your continued success.

We specialize in efficiently delivering high quality roof truss designs. Our services include:

  • Wood Truss Design
  • Steel Truss Design
  • Barn Truss Design
  • Garage Apartment Truss Designs
  • Valuted Truss Design
  • Truss Design Calculation
  • Attic Truss Design
  • Vaulted Ceiling Truss Design
  • Scissor Truss Design
  • Attic Roof Truss Design
  • Canopy Design Light Weight Truss
  • Strong Truss Designs
  • Irregular Truss Designs
  • House Truss Design
  • Engineered Wood Truss Designs
  • Gambrel Roof Truss Design
  • Triangle Truss Design
  • Truss Floor Flat Design
  • Wood Truss Connection Design
  • Fink Truss Design
  • Truss Design with LVL Beams
  • 60' Truss Designs
  • Wood Truss Design Multiple Support Points
  • Cold Form Steel Truss Design
  • Flat Truss Design

20 Years of Experience!
Our reputation speaks for itself. Our performance
is beyond most expectations and our finished
product helps you with your continued success.

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